Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Frank Garcia's Artisan Powder...

I created this heritage page to showcase the beautiful Artisan Powder from Prima's very own Frank Garcia's Memory Hardware. This powder is highly pigmented with a fabulous matte finish. It can be rubbed/brushed on 
or added to most mediums. 

This is a photo of my Great Grand Parents, Grand Mother and 
Great Uncle from 1919.

Lots of layers here...Mixing papers , flowers, and metals along with stenciled background using the Artisan Powder.

A closer view of the stenciled background and the alphabet I colored 
using the Artisan Powder

I simple mixed the Artisan Powder with 3D Gloss Gel and Stenciled 
randomly o my page.

Using a soft paint brush I simple brushed the Artisan Powder on these 
canvas alphas to my desired color.

Prima Supplies: 990053- Cartographer- Faire Un Voyage990220- The Archivist-Les Façons Dont Je T’aime991203- Memory Hardware Artisan Powder - La Chapeliere, 991210- Memory Hardware Artisan Powder - Vausseroux961381- Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel, 588120- Esmeralda Gypsy Cord580476- Archivist Fragments580506- Archivist Lineage990619- Memory Hardware - Montpellier Apothecary Vials, 991098- Memory Hardware - Montpellier Apothecary Vial Labels892159- Ingvild Bolme- Tassel Antique