Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I have a Prima Video Tutorial to Share!

I created this floral canvas o Live With Prima Tuesday Sept 15... if you missed it then I would like to share the video with you right here. This class is filled with beautiful Prima flowers and Mixed Media.... and a few bloopers too. Just wasn't my day for LIVE.... LOL! All is good though in the end and 
I hope you enjoy! :)

8x10 Flat Canvas
Prima Products:
583286- Royal Menagerie Mary
583316- Royal Menagerie Anne
583354- Royal Menagerie Diana
583361- Royal Menagerie Maud
580797- Garden Fable Native
579562- Garden Fable Wood Icons
579319- Garden Fable Brads
573171- SIIC
573195- SIIC
576905- Berry Jute
573836- Tea Stain Bloom Spray
580278- Boysenberry Bloom Spray
573782- Soft Teal Bloom Spray
573768- Storm Cloud Bloom Spray
961442- Heavy Gesso White
961411- Modeling Paste
962005- Don't Forget Cling Stamp
814328- Oil Pastel Crayons
572198- Floral Rose Stencil
572242- Floral Rose Stencil
Prima Alphabets in different sizes


  1. Delaina - I couldn't catch the live show because I had an appointment, but I'm so glad there was a video! Your canvas is so very, very gorgeous and elegant. I love your flower clusters - they look so beautiful and professional. Mine still aren't the greatest - but they are getting a little better - thanks to watching you cluster!! And, I loved your video!

  2. Love the color and the interesting composition!