Friday, July 30, 2010

GCD Stuios and a little paint technique...

I used the Home Spun Chic collection here with a little craft paper background. This happens to be my favorite paint/inking technique. Here I use a piece of regular household drywall tape and with a stencil paint brush I dabbed the paint randomly over the tape and quickly removed it. An ink pad will give the same effect. If you don't have drywall tape then you could punch holes in a piece of plastic packaging or even sturdy cardstock to achieve this look.

Hope you enjoy!!!
HaPpY ScRapPiNg!!!


  1. I love the painting...I keep forgetting about it...and I KNOW I have some drywall paint around here...hehe!! Of course, I don't have my stamps that I was going to use....just sayin....

  2. what a fun technique Delaina!